Kent M. Swig Recovering from Shoulder Surgery

Real estate magnate Kent M. Swig has recently undergone shoulder surgery at the hands of the orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Glashow (Co-Director of Sports Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and Clinical Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine).  Dr. Glashow specializes in shoulder and knee injuries, and is a senior consultant and well-respected in the field of Sports Medicine for his arthroscopic technique.

Mr. Swig’s trainer and physical therapist has been of great assistance to him throughout his recovery.  Carefully regulated motion is a necessary element in their success, and continuing therapy both reduces pain and gradually restores comfortable mobility to the patient.  Kent Swig’s post-surgical rehabilitation has been conducted under the guidance of Frank D’Elia of Excelsior Physical Therapy.  Kent Swig’s former trainer, Ken Casoria, passed away several years ago of a brain aneurism, but D’Elia is a highly capable replacement.

Recovery from shoulder surgery is guided in phases, from passive motion, to active motion, to strengthening, and finally to full activity.  In the early stages, the trainer—Frank D’Elia, in this case—instructs the patient on how to move, and carefully demonstrates.  Once sufficient healing has taken place, the patient takes a more active role in his or her own rehabilitation.  The entire process can easily take six months or more.  Kent M. Swig, who underwent surgery in December 2009, should be well on his way to recovery by this time.

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