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Kent Swig compliments his tremendous professional contributions with his dedication to several philanthropic and civic ventures. Recognized as Man of the Year for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of New York as well as by the Realty Foundation; the State of Israel Bonds honoree and winner of Israel’s Peace Medal in 2003 Kent Swig continues to play an active role in a variety of volunteer projects.

Philanthropic and civic efforts play a tremendous role in Kent Swig’s life, as is evidenced by his involvement in organizations such as the New York Police Museum, the Downtown Alliance, and Wall Street Rising. Kent Swig also serves on the Board of Directors of Central Synagogue, as president of the American Friends of The Jaffa Institute, and as Vice Chairman of the Real Estate and Construction Division of State of Israel Bonds where he was awarded with Israel’s Peace Medal in 2003. A member of the Board of Directors of BENS, and formerly of UNA-SA, Kent Swig is politically active as well.

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Business Executives for National Security (BENS)

Kent Swig sits on the Board of Directors of Business Executives for National Security (BENS). The group aims to educate and support political leaders in making responsible decisions in matters related to national security using the successful models of the private sector.

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Central Synagogue

Kent Swig is an active member of the Central Synagogue’s Board of Trustees. The Central Synagogue brings Jews of all affiliations together for a wide range of events and services, offering a sense of community for Jews worldwide.

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American Friends of the Jaffa Institute

As President of the American Friends of the Jaffa Institute, Kent Swig strives to build awareness in America to the underprivileged communities of Central Israel. The Jaffa Institute provides support to the children of poverty stricken families, helping them work towards a better future.

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Realty Foundation of New York

Kent Swig was recognized for his contributions to the Realty Foundation and was honored as its New York as Man of the Year in 2005. As Vice President of the organization, Swig facilitated numerous philanthropic projects.  The organization, created by real estate leaders, dedicates itself to supporting professionals in the industry during economic times of need.

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Israel Bonds

Kent Swig extends his talents to many charitable and civic causes.  One example of this is relationship Kent has with the Israel Bonds organization. Israel Bonds have been a vital source of funding for economic projects in the State of Israel since Prime Minister David Ben Gurion first conceived of them. Kent is currently on the Board of Directors of the Israel Bond Organization.  Read more about Kent Swig’s involvement with the Israel Bonds Organization.

Downtown Alliance

Kent Swig’s is a dedicated board member of the Downtown Alliance. His regular attendance to events of this organization allows them to benefit from his expertise. The Downtown Alliance works to improve Lower Manhattan’s financial district’s physical and economic environment. The Downtown Alliance manages the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Business Improvement District (BID), an area in which Kent Swig operates regularly. With his contributions to the alliance Kent Swig proves his passion to expanding the downtown area in any way he can. Visit the Down Town Alliance’s website at

Police Museum

Kent Swig takes an active role in his participation in the New York Police Museum. In addition to his position on the Board of Directors Kent Swig was honored at the Police Hero Awards, an evening in tribute to New York’s finest, on November 1, 2007. The event supported the children’s educational programs at The New York City Police Museum, located in Manhattan’s FiDi (Financial District) neighborhood. The award recognizes outstanding members of the New York City Police Department. Kent Swig was chosen for his leadership and dedication to The Police Museum in their contributions to the people of New York City. The Police Museum shares exhibits and videos detailing the work of the world’s most famous police force, the NYPD, during the past 160 years. Learn more about the museum at


The Municipal Arts Society is an organization which fights for intelligent urban planning, design and preservation through education, dialogue and advocacy. As an active board member, Kent Swig has been involved with various politically challenging and cutting age projects.

In the 2011 MAS Summit for New York, Kent Swig was given the honor of delivering the introduction to the event’s panel discussion entitled From Science Fiction to Future-Making in Real Communities: The City Research Studio.
To read Kent M. Swig’s introductory speech.

For more information about the projects MAS is engaged in visit

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